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Our Methodology

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Our Methodology.

We excel in projects ranging from 500 to 50,000 sq ft, outfitting and refurbishing diverse buildings, including multi-tenanted properties and corporate headquarters. Our accurate designs demonstrate understanding and attention. With an enviable track record and exceptional experience, we consistently surpass client expectations. Our satisfied clients readily share their positive experiences. An exponential approach sets the standard for success and solidifies our reputation.

Tss Fitout

Concept to Completion

A total service demands total commitment, and that is what we offer. From the initial conceptual design through to the handover of a completed project, our team is dedicated to achieving excellence.

We have worked in buildings ranging from 500 to 50,000 sq.ft, fitting out new commercial/residential facilities or refurnishing existing facilities, in multi-tenanted properties or major corporate headquarters. In all cases we have designed with understanding and built with care. Our track record is enviable. Our experience is exceptional. Time and time again, we have exceeded our client's expectations and those clients are prepared to tell people so.

We listen to your interior needs, taking the time to understand your requisites. Together, we create a concept that we can all be proud of, fostering a partnership where we collaborate to leverage mutual success. As your trusted partner, you have the freedom to be involved during the whole process. Rest assured, we guarantee quality, timely delivery, and adherence to your budget. We embrace the possibility of changes and maintain flexibility to accommodate it. Our detailed briefing documentation highlights each specification. During the construction, we conduct a thorough, stage-by-stage checking process to ensure multiple inspections of all our work. “Our process is exhaustive and effective and guarantees excellent workmanship.”

Tss Fitout

Cost Control

It is our product and construction expertise, as well as the ability to involve all parties at a very early stage, which allows us to commit to construction costs well before detailed design is complete. Also, because we carry out design work and costing/tendering process simultaneously, work packages divided up and delivered to fast-track programs.

Detailed fixed price costing enables budgets to be allocated at the earliest possible stage. The inherent strength of the design and build approach is the cost certainly and cost control of a product from the outset. The costs provided during the design process are: fixed, allowing you confidence and precision in your own internal budgeting exercises.

When an organization is moving, or refurbishing premises, there are two costs involved; the actual cost of the new interior and the cost caused by the potential disruption of normal working practices. Our in- house expertise means that we can focus on all aspects of the project, leaving you free to concentrate on the running of your business.

Tss Fitout

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